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A vital and necessary Preparation for this time and a Plan from the origin that must be fulfilled now.

Any creative act is generated in the invisible and causes results in matter.

To every outcome planned on the physical plane, in low frequency or with selfish intentions, there are invisible codes to be revealed to those who are ready to know them in order to modify any negative consequences, through high frequency events for the benefit of the planet and ourselves.

There are personal or vested interests in this system that wish us to remain hypnotized and immersed within the false illusion of being limited to a single timeline and life experience as planned through thousands of years of creative enclosure.

Since the beginning of time the existence of the Invisible Codes has been hidden from those who were not prepared for their use. However, when times of change appear, and beings awaken their consciousness, it is time to receive them to be applied in daily life.

Our planet is on the verge of a major transformation. The form of this transformation has multiple expressions and it is we as individuals and components of the collective who are responsible for these changes.




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